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Looking for indiana jones? - adventure for two | fiction collection

Looking for Indiana Jones? - Adventure for two

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UPDATE 7/12/4: BUY 1, GET 2 FREE. If you buy one of the books, all you need is to contact me using the contact tab  and let me know you did, and I will send you the other two novels! THREE NOVELS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!

UPDATE: Homunculus and the Seal of Solomon is available HERE! It is a prequel to the Tales of the Van Senmut College (Book 1 of the "Tales" is Spear of Seth and Book 2 is The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla (see below)). Click on the image on left to download "Homunculus" as a pdf file for only $3.49. Description: King Solomon may have built a mighty Temple, but he could never do so without his Seal. With it, he could command demons to do his bidding. The King is long dead, but what happened to his Seal? An inquiring and utterly unscrupulous alchemist wants to know. If he gets the Seal, he could do… a lot of things. He could become a king, an emperor and perhaps even save himself from a fate worse than death. To get the Seal, he gets a helper. You may have met him. His name is Alex Khyan and he told you about his adventures in the Tales of The Van Senmut College,  in Spear of Seth and The Last Secret Of Nikola Tesla. If you ever wondered what happened before he went to seek the Spear of Seth and how he got his adventure-avoiding attitude, read the Homunculus And The Seal Of Solomon.

"The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla" arrives. Available NOW. Click on the image to download (as a pdf file) The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla, a...

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